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CAO Colombia

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CAO Spans the GlobeCAOs World cigar line is a star-studded arsenal, containing some of the finest cigars on the planet.

To make someone choose a favorite would be a cruel request, theyre all amazing. But, if forced to choose, I wouldnt be surprised to hear more than a few guys declare CAO Colombia as their #1.

This unique gem features a mixture of Colombian and Brazilian leaves that no other cigar on the market can match.

Cuban-seed tobaccos have actually been flourishing in Colombia since the 19th century, though you rarely hear about them. Discover their most-welcome qualities with CAO.

Colombia showcases Ica Mazinga tobacco, a leaf that's been developed over 15 years of hard work.

Employing it with a Nicaraguan wrapper and Cameroon binder, Colombia dishes out spades of toasted nuts, coffee, and a sweet n salty finish. 

CAO Colombia has finally received a long overdue 92-rating, noting: Its core of earth and wood is balanced by sweet, fruity notes of black cherry and nougat with a nutty touch of cashew.


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