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Dominican Cream - Toro (6.0"x54) - Pack of 25

  • $ 4099

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So creamy, so good.We field constant inquiries from manufacturers asking us to carry their cigars, invitations to make cigars at every hole-in-the-wall factory in Central America with ‘best price,’ and we burn through sample after sample. People think it’s fun, but lighting up thousands of handmades that are glorified mulch ain’t fun at all. But now and then, one blend stands out. Here is one diamond in the rough. Dominican Cream boasts that famed Dominican profile: mellow character, subtle cedar, sweet cream, and a dash of spice. When you weigh the quality of these ‘Cuban sandwich’ treats against the price we managed to wrangle them at, there’ll no doubt be cheers from sea to shining sea.Note: These cigars have a very slightly sweetened cap. The slightest we've ever seen!?

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