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Gurkha Private Reserve

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Theres a door marked Private.So go it.Its impossible to know precisely whats behind this portal of secrets, but Ill give you a few clues. First, I can tell you that this premium handmade treasure hails from Gurkha, purveyor of some of the finest cigars on Earth. Next, I can tell you the blend is exclusive, and youre not likely to encounter it ever again. Think of it like Gurkha Royal Reserve, a blend so rare and popular that I simply cant keep it on the shelves. The wrapper is maduro dark, oily, exotic, enticing. And while only Gurkha knows the secret filler blend, I can tell you that each cigar has been double infused with cognac, imparting a subtle and refined flavor profile. Presentation is everything, and each individual handmade has been sealed in tubos topped with melted gold wax. This is a collectors item, for sure.

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