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Gurkha Yakuza

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A gorgeously intimidating blend.Depending who you believe, the Yakuza are either a ruthless Japanese organized crime syndicate, or a misunderstood chivalrous organizationhint, Id go with the former. The Yakuza are as famed for their intricate tattoos as their missing pinkies, and this new, bold blend from Gurkha, dubbed Yakuza, is as menacing as its namesake. A blend thats as special as Gurkha Yakuza shouldnt come in normal packaging, and leave it to Gurkha to knock this one out of the park. Coming dressed in a oil-oozing, milk-chocolaty Ecuador Habano ligero wrapper, Yakuzas aesthetics are spot-on. A quick peak under the covers reveals a Nicaraguan binder embracing a collection of ligero-laced, uber-refined Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers with the addition of a small amount of La Entradas long-filler. Well-balanced, this firecracker is in-your-face full-bodied and will lay the smack-down in the flavor department. Bold notes of toast, oak, nuts, espresso, and pepper intertwine for a robust and dizzying experience. Not for the faint of heart, the Gurkha Yakuza will send you into sensory overload. Make sure to clear your schedule for this gem, because it's an experience that demands zero interruption.

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