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HERF Signature Ashtray

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The last ashtray youll ever buyHerf is a term thrown around that refers to enjoying cigars in a group setting. This ashtray was built to withstand any conditions those get togethers occur in. Glass, ceramic, plastic, wood all other ashtrays crack, break or burn under pressure. The HERF Signature Ashtray is built to last with a rugged, heavy set, all metal design that can withstand outdoor use and with a sleek design, still looks just as good on your coffee table. Weve had some samples floating around the office for a few months, and when I say its built to last, I mean it. In a battle between the ashtray and the floor, the floor broke, not the ashtray. Not even the harsh elements of winter could destroy it. Yes, we tried! A quick blast with the hose and its good as new. Four cigar rests and a deep bowl can accommodate many cigars in a group setting. Each cigar rest is grooved, so cigars stay put, and the built-in ash knocker in the center of the bowl is an outstanding bonus feature. While it's heavy, the rubber foot grips on the underside make sure it not only stays put, but also leaves your surfaces scratch free. Humidors, lighters, cutters, ashtrays they all need to be replaced eventually. But you can mark my words, this will be the most reliable cigar accessory you ever buy. Get yours today!

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