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Illusione OneOff

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Youre gonna want a peace of this!Remember this one? How could you forget? The funky peace sign band? Originally released in 2001, the OneOff brand was met with a ton of fanfare. But as quickly as the brand arose, it rapidly moved into back into anonymity. There was a brief attempt to bring it back a few years later, but that attempt failed. Now? Dion Giolito of Illusione is here to save the day. And after one taste of this classic, youll be happy he did. These medium to full-bodied treats are produced at one of Nicaraguas hottest factory: Aganorsa Leaf. Thats right. The same factory that produces gems like the 93-rated JFR Lunatic Habano or the 93-rated Guardian of the Farm. Ring a bell now? Illusiones OneOff carries on that reputation with this Nicaragua puro. Rich, hearty, and rounded out by hints of spice, OneOff is ready to regain its cult-like status in the cigar industry. Good news! Illusione OneOff has received a well-deserved 92-point rating, noting: "The woody core of this reddish-brown gem is framed by notes of honey, red pepper and crushed pistachio. A sweet-and-spicy cigar."

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