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Joya de Nicaragua JOYA Red

Joya de Nicaragua JOYA Red

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Joya de Nicaragua paints the town red.The stories surrounding Joya de Nicaragua's handmades stretch from sea to shining sea. Like brave knights coming to battle a fearsome dragon, many enthusiasts have entered the fray confident, only to be quickly tamed by bold, powerful profiles. I've seen it all too many times. We even had a guy pass out while using the facilities at one of our stores....he was puffing on it like a locomotive stuck on overdrive. Luckily, after about a 5 minute tile nap, he exited with just a bruised ego. He, like many before him, learned that Joya de Nicaragua makes one hell of a full-bodied cigar. But now, Joya de Nicaragua dials the strength down a bit for a cigar that's built for daily enjoyment. Without any further delay welcome, JOYA Red. Many of Joya de Nicaragua's handmades rely on potent ligeros to deliver their feisty bouquet. This time, lower tobacco primings were chosen to impart the same core flavors, but in a much more palatable fashion. Long-fillers from the uber-fertile regions of Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa, were stuffed into a golden hued Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. This recipe yielded a medium-bodied bouquet boasting strong doses of roasted nuts and pepper, as hints of leather, toast, and coffee also enter the fray. In a nutshell, JOYA Red is going to appeal to fans of Joya de Nicaragua, as well as newcomers of all shapes and sizes. Heck, even those still licking their wounds should thoroughly enjoy this one. JOYA Red received a well-deserved '90' rating noting: "The lush draw of this cigar delivers a strong black pepper character that settles down to show notes of hickory, brown sugar and earth." 

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