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Judge Wright by JC Newman

Judge Wright by JC Newman

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Give this cigar a fair trial.In the 1920s J.C. Newmans top-selling cigar was a little brand known as Judge Wright. Back then, the line had a simple slogan, A fair trial will give a verdict in favor of this cigar. Now, Ive got to be honest. My experience with any sort of court is limited to Judge Judy and Law and Order reruns. However, if I were a judge, Id throw anyone who didnt like this cigar out, as they must be insane. This cigar is a straight up value, and Id recommend getting in early and often. Judge Wright is a Nicaraguan puro with a Sun Grown wrapper, but unlike some similar blends, this one stays smooth and medium-bodied throughout. The Cuban sandwich blend has great flavors of earth, leather, and slight spice. Theres nothing else I can say here, Judge Wright is a great everyday cigar. Case dismissed.

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