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Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds

Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds

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Thanks to minor cosmetic blemishes, Rock Patels Vintage 2nds cigars are a steal!Its amazing, really, to watch the success of Rocky Patels new blends over the past two years. Youve got to admire him. Initially hailed for his innovative, full-throttle Indian Tabac cigars in the late 90s, yet just a few years later Rocky was cast aside as an outsider by most of the clubby cigar makers, the usual suspects claiming to be superior because of their 3 bazillion years in the business, and 100 generations of family experience in tobacco. But Rocky just kept plugging away, the hardest working man in the business a guy who is on the road constantly, visiting even the tiniest of retail shops and working countless days in the factories of Danli, Honduras. In fact, Ive been with him numerous times to Honduras; it is a sight to watch him relentlessly push for perfection, driving everyone in the factory nuts, single-mindedly devoted to crafting a great product. So its good to see things come full circle for him, garnering a slew of 90+ ratings and high praise from all who sample his blends.Particularly good are his RP Vintage cigars. And particularly special is this deal. You see, his rate of rejection is much higher than average, thus a small mountain of Seconds has been accumulating in the factory. These Seconds are labeled as such because they have been rejected strictly for cosmetic reasons. The wrappers are a little splotchy here or have a slight discoloration there. The blend is the same, box-pressed and aged to perfection​. You could burn them blindfolded and detect no difference. The beauty is that the price is far, far less. Just keep in mind: this is not a regular production cigar. My supply is dictated strictly by what the factory happens to have available to ship me. Thats why I recommend you act soon if youre interested.Note: As mentioned above, supply is dictated strictly on what the factory happens to have available.​

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