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Tatuaje Nicaragua

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Tatuaje hailing from Nicaragua.Tatuaje Nicaragua cigars are highly celebrated blends made in Nicaragua by Don "Pepin" Garcia, in the renowned My Father factory. Crafted entirely of 1st generation Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in the fertile soils of Nicaragua, expect a robust, medium to full-bodied cigar that's layered with subtle complexities. Bold and always on point, Tatuaje Nicaragua cigars never disappoint. Tatuaje is made in extremely limited quantities in order to maintain its ultra-high level of quality and consistency, making this one of the rarest cigars on the market. Get'em while you can.Tatuaje Cojonu Capa Especial recently received a 93-rating along with a spot in the Top 25 Cigars of the Year! In addition, the blend received a 92-rating noting: "Gorgeously pressed with a neat, three-seam cap. The smoke on this large cigar is chewy and thick, layering rich notes of molasses and hickory into the palate."The Tatuaje brand is incredibly highly-rated, and features a huge variety of cigars. Shop them all here. 

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