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Xikar Stratosphere II Lighter - Stratosphere II - Blue -

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This lighters not scared of heights.The evolution of Xikars Stratosphere lighter is here. Normal butane lighters have the reputation of not working at altitude, which is a problem if youre looking to enjoy a stick at the top of a mountain. Luckily, the mad scientists and engineers at Xikar have improved upon the original Stratosphere lighter.Xikar Stratosphere II is a high altitude and water- resistant lighter that is up to any task you set before it. Want to take a stroll up Everest and enjoy a smoke, Xikars got your back, want to explore the watery depths and have a cigar in the wreckage of the Titanicwell you get the point, this lighter can pass most everyday tests and will reliably light your cigar time and time again. Lighting both at high altitude and sea level, in the wind and/or rain, Xikar Stratosphere II is the only choice for a rugged, dependable, lighter that wont fail.

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