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Xikar Xi3 Phantom Collection - Phantom 3D Laser Cut Mayan - FREE SHIPPING

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Xikar Xi3 - Phantom Collection

- Phantom Laser Cut 3D Mayan -

Titanium black anodized ultra hardened blades​

The  Xikar Xi3 cigar cutter is hands down
the ULTIMATE HEAVY WEIGHT of cigar cutters!

Xi3 cigar cutters are NOT for your casual weekend,
occasional cigar smoker but rather only
serious cigar AFICIONADO's!

But stepping it up a bit more, the PHANTOM line with the distinctive Titanium black anodized ultra hardened blades will grace only a few, well-heeled Aficionado's Man Cave's!

The Mayan Xi3 Cutter is enhanced by its ultra-deep
laser cut wing handles and a depth perception
and sophisticated beauty of the
ancient New World.

The new 3D cutter is designed to be both comfortable in the hand, and functional in its purpose.

Unique, cutting edge designs and exotic handles
combined with stainless steel blades, give the
Xi3 models a truly distinguished look.

XIKAR cigar cutters are bold, masculine and
beautifully engineered and feature a unique teardrop
shape and double guillotine action that gives
a powerful cutting ability in
one simple squeeze.

 The craftsmanship and design make the Mayan Phantom 3D cutter a timeless masterpiece of luxury for ONLY a few SERIOUS cigar enthusiasts.

But, will the wife LET you?

Are YOU man enough!

- Xikar LIFETIME Warranty -


QI- XI-302MY3DB/

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